About CheesyMUD...

On January 20, 1996, a handful of college students from The Ohio State University decided to concentrate their dislike of homework into one large project. This procrastination produced CheesyMUD, and since then, over 25,000 different people from more than 40 different countries have stopped by to visit. For 15 years, our MUD was provided for by the friendly folks at Kingston Online Services in Ontario, Canada. Now, we use DreamHost, but we'll always have hockey hair in our hearts.

CheesyMUD comes equipped with all the comforts.

But, wait, there's more!

Just look what else you get!

So, join us at cheesymud.com port 4001, or try our web-based client today! You just might like it!

About the Web Pages...

These pages were made by Jim Baumgardner with nano, booze, and POV-Ray for Windows v3.02. The background you see on this (and other) pages includes my impression of the words "cheese" and "mud" in Thai, Russian, Hindi, and Japanese. The fonts used were downloaded from Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive, which closed in 2005.