Who are you freaks, anyway?

Have a question about CheesyMUD? Just log in already! If that doesn't work, please contact one of the friendly staff members listed below. Our Implementors/Immortals are categorized into departments. There's no need to send your question/comment to all the imms -- if you're not sure who to send it to, just make your best guess. We will make sure your e-mail is forwarded to the best person to answer it.

Department Title Name E-mail Address Home Page
Administrators Dictator Bog Temporarily Unavailable http://www.cheesymud.com/staff/bog/
Consul Kosomot dmgibson@gbronline.com http://www.gbronline.com/dmgibson/
Censori Yorx yorx_e_vil@hotmail.com Not Available
Rowdy rowdy@redrival.net http://ca.geocities.com/anydammthing/
Designers Extundor Kyrol jim@cheesymud.com http://www.cheesymud.com/staff/kyrol/
Inventor Walrus Not Available Not Available
Sculptori Vermillion Not Available Not Available
DejaVu dejavu@godisdead.com Not Available
Immortals Amicus Thingol thingol@kos.net http://www.cheesymud.com/staff/thingol/
Apocalypse mjlang@hotmail.com Not Available

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