An Implementor Named Bog

Bog is an implementor on CheesyMUD. Bog's actual title is "Master Administrator," which means Bog has to do all the jobs that Kyrol hates, so Kyrol can fritter away his day coding. Or at least that's what Kyrol says he's doing. Sometimes when Bog talks to Kyrol on the phone, Bog hears noises that sound suspiciously like Doom.

Bog's administration team is responsible for the day to day operations on CheesyMUD. The administrators help new players, run quests, and are generally friendly folks. If there's a problem that the administration team can't resolve, they call in Bog. Bog then kills all parties involved and eats the corpses. Well, okay, not always. But sometimes. Not often enough, though. Okay, not often at all, but it sounds so much more impressive than "Bog helps to resolve the concerns," or "Bog ensures that conflicts are resolved," and other silly phrases like that. Poor, hungry Bog.

On a more serious note, if you have any questions, problems, or comments about CheesyMUD, please feel free to forward them to me. I am always happy to get email, and if it's a question or comment that would be better addressed by one of the other members of the staff, I will dutifully pass the email on to the appropriate person.

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Last Modified: 17 April 1998